How We Are Different
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment, there must be a process tailored to the type of business and to the type of people the business wants to recruit. But at the same time, we believe that it is very important to develop a process based system. Each and every task should be performed within the framework of the design. Keeping this as a rule, we have designed and developed a system which brings us close to our clients as well as leaders of the world.

Using the 8 Step design, we evaluate candidates’ basis our parameters and role in discussion. With this, we make sure that there is always a link between client and the candidate. We continue to monitor candidate performance after the hire to assure long lasting satisfaction.
Thorough Understanding
Understand the discription of the position (in consultation with the client), It's strategic importance, skill set required
Pre-Search Preparation
Database selection, Networking requirements, Target companies and Individuals
Prepare for meeting with the client
For selected candidates, schedule interview, feedback
Short listing the candidates
Indentify the candidates to be contacted, establish contact, evaluate, follow up
Offer and negotiation
Maintain contact and relationship, allow free flow of communication
Holdhands while transition
Discuss if anything required, maintain contact, follow up
Evaluate the process and success
Monitor the developments, close the mandate